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Testimonials about our Sports Massage Courses Online

From Our Previous Students

Veronica Nevrell Sweden

After doing both courses I have really developed my skills. And OM MY this second course is AMAZING! Don't hesitate!

Gun Helen Estensmo Norway

I am so pleased with my education. Due to the pandemic I haven't been able to move outside much so online couses was perfect.

Johnnie Peterson Canada

As one of the first to be able to try I was stoked to notice progress, now it's hard to get the practise in but I'm eager to get on with it.

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The best 21 reasons why you should choose our Sports Massage Courses Online

1.If you are interested in deep tissue massage course online such as sports massage, it is an excellent opportunity to study a subject that you are interested in at a low cost.

2. You can study our sports massage courses online from home or wherever you want. 

This allows you to live wherever you want in the world, in this case you save money that you would otherwise have had to spend on commuting to your school or even to a place to stay while you study.

3. You can work while you study our sports massage courses online. Many who want to study may sometimes have to say no to this as they simply cannot afford to lose their income from work. 

With this option, you can keep your job and your salary and study at other hours when you are not working.

4. Whether you want to learn to start a new career or for household needs, you get to learn things that you carry with you no matter where you choose to live in the future. 

A good investment in yourself and in your future is to simply try a sports massage course online.

Our sports massage courses online offers you all the flexibility that you need

5. You get increased opportunities to work with clients even outside a possible. reception. Working with sports teams, individual athletes or at competitions and events provides new customers, good PR and also increased revenue for you.

6. You study all our sports massage courses online without stress and at your own pace. You get long access to our study platform and have access to support and assistance from your massage teachers for at least 6 months from the time you bought your massage courses onlineIf you choose to buy the training for house hold needs, you have access to support from your massage teachers for 1 year from the date you bought the course. 

Since you have long access to the study platform and your educational material, you can log in to your personal page and take part in all content even long after you have finished your education, a perfect way to refresh your knowledge even later if you would forget one or more parts of the education.

7. You can feel safe and calm by learning to massage  family members and friends or others with whom you feel comfortable.

8. You do not have to wait for a special course date with an educator who in fact does not suit you, with our sports massage courses online, you start instead whenever you want.

The cost of your learning is up to you our courses offers variety

9. You who do not like or who do not want to learn in a large group for one or more different reasons can here instead learn through video material, texts, images and live webinars specifically for our sports massage courses online.

10. You save money comparing to an on-site training at another massage school usually costs. It is not uncommon for there to be courses and educations that can cost a lot of money. 

This way many can drop out precisely because they simply cannot afford to attend an education that they would in fact still want to attend. With us, you still have the opportunity to study as our educations are affordable in comparison with many other massage schools.

11. Although online studying is great for anyone who wants to train at a leisurely pace, there are also those who want to do just the opposite. You can study and practice very intensively for a shorter period and thus also get done faster with your education.

12. You do not have to buy any expensive literature for our sports massage courses online as you may need to do with other types of education.  You do not have as high costs for personal expenses like clothing, laundry, groceries, cosmetics, toiletries and so on as you can have when you go to an education where you need to be away from home. 

Other personal expenses can also be different types of insurance such as health insurance.

If your interested in rehab and sports injuries, these courses are for you

14. It is always you and your learning that is in focus during our sports massage courses online. In many physical educations, it can often be very large classes and often with only one teacher. The teacher simply does not have time to help everyone who needs it. 

As several students need the teacher’s help and attention, this of course affects that the learning is not as good as you want. This is not the case with us at Massage & Spa School, where everything is 100% about you.

15. Even if you do not want to work with giving sports massage full time, it is a good extra income for you who only want to work extra when you feel like it.

16. You who attend our sports massage courses online will also receive a diploma from our Massage & Spa School after you have completed our training with us. Print it on thick and fine paper that suits you, put a nice frame around it and hang it on the wall clearly visibly for your clients.

This means that your clients see that you are educated at a good and well-recommended school and also increase the clients’ sense of security for you as a masseur/ massage therapist.

17. As a student with us, you also have the opportunity to take your final exam online or if you prefer it together with us and our Swedish massage teachers at our school.

18. All students on our sports massage courses online are different where a certain type of learning is suitable for someone and a different type of learning is better suited for someone else. With us, we have thought of all this as all study material is adapted with both video-recorded material, text and images and live webinars so that you can learn according to what suits you best.

Follow up with our sports massage courses online

19. Our sports massage courses online are continuing education, as a basis you first need to have  had the vocational training of classic massage to be able to understand the courses better. In fact, you get the sports massage courses at a discount after you have first completed the training for for the diploma course in Classic Swedish Massage.

20. Everyone who attends one of our vocational training as a massage therapist, sports massage therapist or spa therapist will also receive our E-book, “How to build your own wellness empire” for free!

21. Everyone who attends our sports massage courses online courses as well as our physical training on site also have priority when we are looking for new skilled seasonal staff. So here is the opportunity for both education and work in one, good huh?

We are here for you

We hope that you who were previously in the selection or qualification if you were to attend one of our sports massage courses online feel that you have now decided to actually do the same. The choices, the opportunities that all the other benefits that web training has are many. 

With the right will and attitude from you, we can promise that you will become a fantastic sports massage therapist if you choose our school, The Massage & Spa School. Should you continue to have any questions about any of our sports massage courses online our any other particular course, you are, as always, welcome to contact us. If you want the fastest possible help and answers to your questions, write to us in the chat on the website. 

You can also, as usual, also send us E-mail, here our goal is to always try to answer you within 24 hours, under heavy workload it can sometimes take longer than that. Should it take longer to receive a response to your E-mail, we ask for your understanding of this and promise to respond to your E-mail as soon as we can. Feel free to take the opportunity and review the section below for some of the most common questions and answers regarding our sports massage courses online.

FAQ about our Sports Massage Courses Online

During the vocational training in Classic Swedish Massage, you will learn lots of necessary knowledge that you will always start from as a basis in the massage treatments that you will then give as a Sports Masseur. That is why the vocational training for a sports masseur or sports massage therapist is a further education from the time you have first completed the vocational training to become a classic massage therapist.

You decide this entirely yourself. We recommend that you start practicing with the person or people you feel calm and secure with, for example one or more different family members. It is important to practice massaging different people and different body types, precisely because all people’s bodies are different and because needs and wishes are also different from person to person.

You will have very good opportunities to get a job. The wellness industry is growing so fast that the need for skilled manual therapists among receptions and salons is great.


As the education is also, as said, a further education, you will be able use both Classic Swedish massage and sports massage when you have completed your education. This will only further increase your chances of getting a job in the industry after the end of your education.


Many of our students also choose to open their own business and work as a self-employed person after passing and completing their education.

The diploma course for Certified Sports Massage Therapist includes a theoretical test and a practical test. Should you not pass one or both of them, you will have more time to study the area or areas that made you fail the test (s) and will then have to repeat it / them. Should you not pass it the next time, you will have another try. What is important is that you learn these things included, therefore you have as many times that you need to pass

The reason for this is that during our online training you need to buy your own massage table, this you can buy in our web shop or if you find another online that you prefer. In addition, you also need to buy massage oil and towels, these are otherwise included if you were to attend the training on site. Also, the amount of time required for us to physically teach you is higher at the school which cost money too.

When you buy an online course from us, you will receive your personal login information sent to your email address that you specified when you bought your education from us.

These login details will always be yours and make it possible for you to log in to our study platform and take part in all educational material during the intended time that is included in your education. This means that even after you have completed your education, you can log in to your student account and refresh your knowledge when or if you need it.

It is good to remember that you have access to your training material and your access to help and support from your massage teachers, these are counted from the date you bought your training from us.

The times are:

-For diploma: 3 years
-For Light Course: 1 year
-For Mini Course: 6 months

No, you do not have to be any of it, even if it is always easier to have a good physical foundation to stand on as the work as a sports masseur is a physically tough job. Working with sports massage is otherwise more about working with the right type of massage techniques, massage grips and good ergonomics. How to do all this, you will of course learn in the course for a Sports Massage Therapist.

No, there is not. In all our courses for home needs or Light as we call them, there is full focus on you becoming as good as possible at performing the different treatments that you want to learn. It is only in all our diploma courses that a practical and a theoretical test is included.

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