Our massage courses

Here you have our massage courses in Classic Swedish massage that spans from Mini to Diploma. If you’re looking to add extra building blocks to your massage knowledge, this is where you will find them.

The Mini courses are the ones that will be regularly added and that are easy to add to the larger Diploma courses or if you prefer to have a multitude of Mini massage courses.

Classic Swedish Massage- Light

1 time purchase
  • 1 year access to study platform
  • Basic study material included
  • Support during the whole year
  • Possibility to join free webinars
  • FREE webinars at specific dates
  • FREE E-book (Value 14,99€)

Classic Swedish Massage- Diploma

399 1 time purchase
  • 3 year access to study platform
  • Professional study material included
  • Complete support during the 3 years
  • Complete massage certificate afterwards
  • Possibility to take examination on site
  • FREE webinars at specific dates
  • FREE E-book (Value 14,99€)


FREE E-book

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Private Lessons

30 min sessions online
  • 15 minutes FREE with the first session
  • 10 minutes FREE the other sessions
  • Answering your theoratical and practical questions- YOU CHOOSE

You need this to take a massage course:

Please note:
A massage table is a must if you attend a vocational training with us. If you take a course for home use then not a massage table is a must, but something that we always recommend that you procure. You can find massage benches of the highest quality in our shop and which we ourselves have worked with for over 20 years.

Massage Courses at Massage & Spa School!

It’s often that we get the question about the online courses we offer called Swedish classic massage courses simply because we ourselves are Swedes who own and run the school.

The answer to this question is no, our Swedish massage courses are named so that Swedish classical massage is also the westernmost known massage method.

That we ourselves happen to be Swedish owners and Swedish teachers we jokingly often say is only the bonus that our students receive when studying at our Massage & Spa School. Our Swedish massage school in Gran Canaria started on a small scale where our goal from the start was to train talented massage students who would stay and work with us and at any of our massage clinics.


massage courses

We noticed almost from one week to another that the interest was so much greater than that, not only from students who want to get a vocational education and then work with us on Gran Canaria, but also from many other parts of the world. It is half the point that one has to pinch one’s arm to understand that we are currently training quality massagers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, all of northern Europe and even parts of South America and Australia.

Today we offer our students web training courses in Massage, Spa and Wellness that allow you to study wherever you live in the world, it is probably one of all these online courses that you hopefully also are interested in when you land here on the website here you can see our beauty courses or rather spa courses if you prefer. In addition to our web training courses, you as a student can also choose to attend one or some of our physical training courses on site in Gran Canaria, Spain if you would prefer.

What is always most gratifying to us is to read all the positive feedback we get from many of your students who have chosen to study with us.
You write via email, over chat, facebook, instagram and above all through your reviews on your education with us via Google and Facebook and this is something that we are also obviously grateful for and something that we also want you to know.

It is often we complain about this but the only thing that matters to us is that you as a student are satisfied with your education with us.
Anyway, it is you as a student and your education that focus on 100% with us and we hope to welcome you just as a student with us at Massage & Spa School.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat on the website or send us an E-mail. The quickest answer to the questions you may have is usually through our Chat.

Our goal is also to try to answer your e-mail within 24 hours, sometimes it can take a little longer than that due to high workload and if that happens we already apologize for this and promise to answer your e-mail as soon as we ever have can.

Frequently asked questions & answers about our massage courses

Everyone who is over the age of 18 is welcome to attend our education. You do not need any prior knowledge, but the important thing is that you have the right will and attitude to want to become a good masseur, this is more than enough !

Should you be under 18 but still interested in attending this (or any other) of our online trainings then you need the permission of your legal guardian.

Classic Swedish Massage is one of the, if not THE, most well-known treatment method for massage that is found in the western world today. Any serious practitioner, therapist , parlor or salon that offers massage as a treatment method should also be able to offer their clients this massage method.
The treatment can be given as either a half-body or a full-body treatment. It is most common to give the treatment for 30 minutes or for 60 minutes but it can vary. The treatment has the purpose of providing relaxation and pain relief firstly and is performed at a moderate pressure and at a slower pace.
If the treatment is given for 30 minutes, it is most common that either the back or the legs are treated. If the treatment is given for 60 minutes then the treatment can also be given for either the back or the legs or as a full body treatment.
On a full-body treatment at 60 min with Classic Swedish Massage, you always start by warming up (Effleurage) the area to be treated before starting to treat the area deeper (Petrissage).
On a 60 min treatment you usually start with the upper body where you in turn treat the lower back followed by seat, shoulders, shoulders and neck. Then you go on to treat the back of the legs, hamstrings, calves and feet.
The client is then allowed to turn around and lie on his back. Here you then proceed with treating the front of the thighs and the calves again. Then, the abdomen, arms, hands, upper part of the chest muscles. Lastly a full body treatment might end with a tactile facial massage.
All of these steps are part of a 60 min treatment with Classic Swedish Massage. You will learn all this and much more, as a student with us, from start to finish in detail.

Now if you want. After you have purchased your course(s) from us you will have a direct access to our study platform and all your study material. Via E-mail you first get your login details to our study platform and where you can start studying your course immediately if you wish.
You can start studying the theoretical content of your course as soon as you have made your purchase, the practical content you can start exercising as soon as you have a massage table and someone to massage on.

Our webinars are always in English so that as many students as possible worldwide can participate. The only ones who will be seen on screen is us, so you yourself as a student will never be visible to anyone else.

If you buy an online course from us, no matter which one you buy, you always have a long access to your account.

This means that long after you finish your course(s) you can log in to your account and access all your study material such as videos, text and pictures. This is a great way to refresh your knowledge even after the end of the education as well as later, but also for all students who want to study their education at their own pace.

This long access to your account also means that you have access our webinars and email correspondance.

It is we, Tamy and Andreas, who own and run Massage and Spa School who are also your massage teachers on the courses you attend.
Together we have over 20 years of experience in the profession and in our operations together with our talented staff we have had over 23,000 satisfied clients.
We are the personal massage school who always want our students to feel that they are the ones that are our focus and that there is always support and help from us.

Here the simple and obvious answer is that it is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to massage. You can have different wishes and goals with your education with us, you can e.g. aim to learn how to massage the ones close to you (family and friends) , the course you choose in such case is one of our “Light” courses.
Should you instead aim to start a new professional career and maybe even open your own practise, then you should choose one of the Diploma courses instead.

For starters, our online diploma programs and our physical diploma programs have essentially the same content.
One of the things they differ in is the price. Our online diploma programs are cheaper first and foremost because you need to buy your own massage table, you can do this in our webshop here on the website. If you have found another massage table online or in a physical store that you would rather buy, this goes without saying.
Other reasons why our online courses are also cheaper are that they also have no costs for local, staff, electricity, water, consumables etc. such as the courses on site.

No, there isn’t at all (at least 18 years of age) are welcome to study. We want everyone to feel welcome and also know that they always study with us according to their own conditions and needs.
You study in a way that suits you and always with the guidance from us when or if you need it.
For interest, we have to date several students + 60 years who have bought our education our oldest actually being over 70! We see it as a strength that young people as well as older people feel that our education in Massage, Spa & Wellness is something that appeals to everyone.

Inside your personal account inside our study platform you can find dates for our live webinars and how to participate, this is included in the cost of your course and you can participate in as many webinars as you want.
As a reminder, you will also receive an email from us as the webinar approaches so you do not risk missing it.

Yes you will be able to do that. As a student you also have the opportunity to ask your questions in advance on the study platform. These questions are the ones that we always answer first during a webinar and then all the questions that might come up live.
If you know in advance that you have one or more questions about the practical execution of a massage treatment, feel free to take the opportunity to ask your questions in advance.

If we get many questions that we don’t have time to answer at the up coming webinar, we will try to address them during the following webinar. Alternatively, you can chat or email us for urgent questions.