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"Build Your Own Wellness Empire"

Why a free e-book?

We wrote this book with the idea that it could be used as a manual of sorts. The aim is to help guide you in your endeavors to create a successful business, and therefore you get a FREE e-book when you purchase one of our Diploma or Light courses.

Our e-book offer you extensive knowledge in marketing and sales. In what to think about in terms of visibility, customer service, pricing and a lot of know-how in buildning a business.

Pick the ideas and suggestions that suit you and your business regardless if you aim to become a multi-millionaire or if you want to create successful in your area.

In your e-book you will learn, among other things:

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Get you own FREE e-book "Build you own Wellness Empire

Now you have the chance to get your very own FREE e-book download of our very popular “Build your own Wellness Empire” (value $ 14.95). You get a FREE e-book on the purchase when you buy one of our Light or Diploma courses.

On our social media, Facebook and Instagram, you will also be able to get the chance to win the book via one of all our competitions and lotteries.

Should you not wish to purchase any of the courses or participate in any of the raffles to receive a FREE e-book, you can also choose to purchase our e-book completely separately if you wish.

An entrepreneurial book for everyone in the wellness Industry

Over the years, we have received lots of emails, questions and conversations about how we ourselves have succeeded in building up such a successful business in the wellness industry. We have (when the time has come) also happily set up to give tips, ideas and acted as a sounding board for those who needed it.

In connection with this, we also became aware that we also have lots of knowledge and experience in an industry that many want to know much more about. As the Swedes we are, we are also a bit modest, despite this, we also decided to passionately start writing our book “Build your own Wellness Empire”.

Although our book is an entrepreneur book, we have chosen to offer a lot to ourselves with lots of tips (over 180 tips) ideas and common mistakes that we ourselves have made or seen others make over the years. All for you as a reader to be able to learn how to create a successful company but also for you to be aware of the pitfalls out there so that you can easily avoid them.

"Build your own Wellness Empire" - A free e-book that is perfect for:

  • Massage therapists.
  • Hairdressers.
  • Personal trainers.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Skin therapists/ dermatologists
  • Tattoo artists.
  • Chiropractors.
  • Make up artists.
  • Nail technologists.
  • Podiatrist.
  • Life coaches etc.
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One of the best Business books in its area — if our customers have a say.

“Congrats to one of the best business books that I have ever read. For me personally it is the best business book to help me grow my clinic. I want to recommend the book at the highest but at the same time still not too much then my competitors too maybe open my eyes to it and I absolutely do NOT want that! Seriously, thank you very much “

-Olivia Wilke, Chicago, Illinois.

“Wow, Jackpot. So many tips in this book that I don’t even know where to start, so many things I never ever thought about before reading it. I haven’t started my business as a Personal Trainer and life coach yet but am more pumped than ever to do so right away after reading this.

-Marcela Strohm, Los Angeles, California.

“The best book for me as a massage therapist and business owner. I followed many of the tips in the book and have until today increased my monthly bookings with an average of + 214%. If you’re a serious entrepreneur in the wellness business or thinking of becoming one, you need to read this book “

-Anna Everts, Stockholm, Sweden.

“I loved all the valuable knowledge you were sharing in the book, not only all the tips about how to grow as a business but also which pitfalls to avoid. For me as a Beautician and a new dermatologist the cost for the book was basically earned with one single client and your book has easily given me much over 100 more clients (and counting) that I might not have gotten without the book. Thank you so much!”

-Julie Gover, Swindon, England.

Entrepreneurial book for both new and experienced entrepreneurs

“Build your own Wellness Empire” is an Entrepreneur book written for you and everyone else who wants to start (or has already started) their own company in the wellness industry. You can always choose to receive it as a FREE e-book when you buy one of our Light or Diploma courses or choose to buy it completely separately if you wish.

Our book is also perfect as a gift for a friend or family member who you know dreams of creating their own business. “Build your own Wellness Empire” is also perfect for that close friend you have who already has a business but who may still need a good kick in the right direction.

Our goal has always been to create one of the best business books in its area, whether we have succeeded or not is up to you as a reader to decide for yourself!

Tamara Miranda & Andreas Törnstrand
Owners of Massage & Spa School, Owner of 8 massage clinics (and a few other business)

Frequently asked questions and answers about our free e-book.

You can buy it directly here through us if you follow the link above on the website. You pay safely and securely with your credit card. After your purchase has been completed, you can easily and conveniently download the book as an E-book.

The book is currently only available as an e-book. You will receive it as an .epub or .mobi which is compatible with most digital readers like kindle or Apple books etc.

Yes “Build your own Wellness Empire” is also very suitable for you who work with other manual therapies than those listed as these are only a few examples.

The book is mainly written and adapted for new and experienced entrepreneurs in the wellness industry (also included beauty and fitness), but there is also lots of content in the book that entrepreneurs in other industries can benefit from.

Things like that e.g. setting up a business plan, how to work towards set goals and how to actually achieve them, tips on cheap marketing, how to grow with your brand, etc. are just a few examples that all entrepreneurs can benefit from.

At present, “Build your own Wellness Empire” is available in English and Swedish but will also be available in Spanish soon.

We absolutely have! And we continue to do so for our entire business, this is also a very big part of the fact that we ourselves have succeeded very well with our business(es). All of them might not be aplicable for us at this stage and that’s how it is because some of the content helps more if you’re new and other is when you’re already set up.

Also, we admit that some mistakes and useful tricks are of those we’ve seen others make/do, which in turn has helped us. We didn’t invent the wheel, we picked out the best that we could out there to be used by ourselves.

Through our book, we now also want to help others to also be able to create a successful company in the wellness industry.

We wish we had been able to answer and help everyone about all the possible questions and concerns you may have for your own business in wellness, unfortunately our time is not enough for this today.

After you have purchased one of our light or diploma courses, you will have your login information for our study platform sent to your E-mail address. Once logged in to the study platform, you can then take part in your FREE e-book. 

It all depends on your personal circumstances regarding the business you are going to start, what type of reception it is a question of, where you are going to start your business, possible purchases that need to be made, etc.

It is simply too highly an individual question to be able to give a simple answer about how high a start-up budget each entrepreneur needs to have.
However, our book gives tips on lots of different ways how you can do completely free and / or very cheap marketing, the tips we share we have used (and continued) to do in our own business.

No, the book has been written in as simple a way as possible. You can also easily go back to each tip in the book to tick off all the tips one by one as you have performed them if you would like.

This is an electronic book so you can read it on your computer, laptop, tablet and on your mobile. 

In the future we hope to be able to have it in paper-back

We are very grateful for all the great reviews we receive and also try to update these on our website as often as we can. Submit your review along with your name and the city and country you live in to:

We are also very grateful to all readers who want to write their review on our Facebook page and / or on our company page on Google and Trustpilot.

Yes, it absolutely does. Our Entrepreneur book is for everyone who is about to start their own reception or salon but also for you who already have a business in the Wellness industry.

For anyone who already has a business, it fits extra well with all the tips, suggestions and ideas on how to go from having a good business to actually having a great business with even more clients and increased revenue.

Of course! The book is perfect as a gift for someone who wants to start their own business in all forms of wellness.

It is also suitable as a gift for the person or persons who already have a company in the area and such as. May need help on the stack, get help with motivation and inspiration and who wants to take part in lots of tips and ideas to make their company a real success.

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