Massage and Spa School Scholarship for US, UK and Canadian students

A quality education is important for all people. Sadly, not everyone can afford one. High expenses mean thousands of students cannot pursue their educational goals every year, thus not achieving their dreams. At, we value education and want to help people with the finances for their higher studies.

We are pleased to announce our very first scholarship “Massage and Spa School Scholarship” to assist students from the US, UK, and Canada to achieve their educational goals. The US$1000 / €900 yearly scholarship will be awarded to students for their education expenses with us on-site. Further, our aim is to double this amount for the future.

Scholarship Amount

The amount for the scholarship is US$1000/ €900 and it will be given to one student per year as a discount to our month-long, on-site- education to become a massage therapist on Gran Canaria, Spain.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

We want to help a student who is really in need of funds for their studies, to fulfil their dreams. To be eligible you only need to be considered an adult (18 years) and be a citizen in the US, UK or Canada.

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

Applying for the scholarship is easy. We strive to make it as easy as possible so that as many as possible can apply. Only a select few will be chosen for the scholarship.

This is how to apply for the scholarship program:

  • Write an essay of 500+ words on the topic “Why I want to become a Massage Therapist”.
  • You must submit your essay on or before December 31st, of every year.
  • All applications should be sent to in a Word format only. Link to Google Docs can also be accepted, however PDFs is not permitted.
  • You should mention your full name, phone number, and email address in the scholarship application.
  • Make sure your essay is unique and creative.
  • Plagiarism will not be accepted, and an application will be rejected immediately if we discover such method.
  • Do not provide any other information other than that mentioned above.
  • After the application deadline has passed, we will judge your text on creativity and quality you have provided overall.
  • The winner will be decided on January 15th, the following year and the winner will be notified by email.

How will applications be reviewed?

We will review each application submitted and list the winner on this page after the deadline date. Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students from other universities and colleges will be prioritized but anyone eligible can apply.

Privacy Policy for Scholarship

NOTE: Massage and Spa School Privacy Policy for all scholarship applicants’ submissions ensures that personal information will not be shared and is for our own internal use only. No information collected during this process will be given to 3rd parties, but reserves the right to use the submitted articles as we wish.

Our one-month education for Classic Massage Therapist and Sports Massage Therapist on sunny Gran Canaria

As educators, with courses both online and on-site, we have seen the demand of longer courses with deeper theoretical knowledge included on-site (Gran Canaria, Spain). To meet this demand, we have adapted our course in Classic Swedish Massage together with our course in Sports Massage, to a longer course that still offers the possibilities of enjoying the perks of a nice climate.

The course material is the same to the ones included to our courses today, the difference is that we add many more hours together with us teachers for theory classes, and of course, many more practice hours on site with clients.

To our students, we offer small groups to ensure that each student get the amount of tutoring and guidance needed, to become an excellent practitioner. We make sure to be there every step of the way, in every detail and adapted to every student needs. No student should feel left out or unsupervised during our time together in class.

Sports Massage – a unique addition

The course for one month includes, as mentioned, the course to Sports massage therapist, which is something rarely seen. With this addition, you will not only have one diploma but TWO diplomas, one for each niche – Classic Swedish Massage and Sports Massage. This course will open more doors for you and give you happy clients, wherever you choose to work in the world.

Stay close to school

Not only is the course longer and more in-depth than our shorter intensive courses, but we also include a student apartment/dorm during the length of the course. This is ONLY included for those who will study with us for the whole duration. The apartment may be a one-bedroom single apartment or a two-bedroom apartment, shared with another student.

Visit the course pages to Classic Swedish Massage and Sports Massage to learn more about the content of the course.


The cost for the course to become a Classic Massage Therapist (with stay included*):

US$4990 / €4500

*cost for flight(s), food and leisure etc. is not included.

Course starts 2022:

October 3rd – October 31st

Course starts 2023

17th April – 15th May

2nd October – 30th October

*Dates may vary, contact us to confirm

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