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Web Courses - Privacy & Cookie Policy

We at the Massage & Spa School are happy that you have choosed to study one or several of our popular Web Courses within Massage & Wellness.

As we take your privacy very seriously we would like to inform you about several important things regarding to this. For your knowledge, please do take some minutes to read them through here down below.

By using any of our Services that you can find on our homepage, mainly our web courses,  you agree to the terms of our Privacy & Cookie Policy, please do not use our Services if you do not agree with our Policies.

  1. About the information that we collect from you
  2. What we use your information for
  3. Who we share you information with
  4. About Cookies
  5. Your Consent
  6. Update
  7. Contact
  1. About the information that we collect from you

When you for an example make an information request or purchasing web courses from us we ask you for personal information. This personal information contains your name and email address as other information relevant to your request.

Other information that we save is information like gender, physical adress, billing adress, zip code, date of birth, log in details, part credit card information, course information like tests, essays, answers and questions. Profile data, shared content, IP adress, language, country.

We will never store your full credit card numbers or your card authentication when you are buying any of our web courses. We will only save information that you voluntarily have submited to us, we do not collect any other information about you without your knowledge. We will never rent or sell your information to any third part.

You can have us to remove your name from our contact list at any time. You can request to acces all data that we have saved at any time. You can delete your own information in your account at any time. You can ask us to delete your account and delete all other saved information at any time. Send us an email for any issue, admin@massageandspaschool.com

  1. What we use your information for

  • For all communicating with you about your account and your web courses.
  • To send your other promotional materials, offers and updates about our courses.
  • For developing our website and services.
  • For your security and for preventing all kind of fraud and abuse.
  • For linking your data with for an example Google Analytics and for analyzing trends and traffic, to track purchases and usage data.
  1. Who we share you information with

  • With teachers and other students. Questions/answers, shared content, profile picture etc. can be visible for teachers and/or other students if you choose so yourself. In your account you choose your own settings.
  • Google Analytics, for analyzing usage, traffic, purchases etc. Examples of such automatically-collected information through Google Analytics includes our visitors IP adresses, the operating system on our web page’s visitors’ computers, the type of Web browsers our visitors are using. It also includes links that our visitors follows to enter our Web page and to leave our Web page.
  • For advertising, we run campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other Companys.
  • If we need to secure our Web site and our Services further we might share your data with a third party supplying these Services.
  • We might share your data with our web shop partners who’s products we re-sell, like for example our massage table suppliers.
  • If we in the future for an example would merge with a co business partner, partly or completely sell our company etc. We may share or transfer your data with any future business partner or to any new owner.
  1. About Cookies

Cookies are text files stored by your browser while you are browsing the web. We use cookies to  collect, share and to store data about your activities on our web site. We do so to be able to make your visit on our web site so pleasant and good as possible for you. This can for an example include things that makes our web site easier to use for you or what your preferred language is when visiting our web site etc. We also collect Cookies to run ads on Google, Instagram, Facebook and others.

  1. Your Consent

When you are using our website you agree to all these Policies, you also agree that we may collect and use this information for the purposes listed above. If you do not agree to these Policies, please do not use any of the Services on our Web site.

  1. Update

It happens that we sometimes have to update these Policies, when this happens we will notify you by sending you an email to your email adress that you signed up with.

  1. Contact

For any questions regarding these Policies don’t hesitate to contact us on admin@massageandspaschool.com.

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