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Welcome to our online Massage school!!

First of all, what fun that you have found our courses at our online massage school. This probably means that you are interested in one or more of our popular online e-courses in Massage, Spa & Wellness.

Our names are Andreas Törnstrand and Tamara Miranda and we are the owners of Massage & Spa School. Andreas is a trained medical massage therapist, sports masseur, personal trainer and also works as a head teacher at Massage & Spa School’s courses on the island Gran Canaria in Spain.

Tamara, or Tamy as she is called, has studied sales and marketing, and was in the middle of her career when the body began to feel the stress that the intense profession required. After a tough but obvious decision, she chose to change direction and ended up, with some persuasion by Andreas, in sunny Spain. 

Tamy is a trained masseur, spa therapist, subject teacher and is also responsible for all Massage & Spa Schools courses. You will definitely recognize her if you’ve already bought one of our Light or Diploma courses.

Online Massage School- with focus on Swedish massage

Today, our school offers physical education on site in Spain in Massage, Spa & Wellness as well as online courses in the same areas.

Together, we have over 20 years of experience in the subject where we also have our various practices for our daily operations and where we together with our skilled staff have had the pleasure of treating over 23,000 satisfied clients.

We look forward to welcoming you as a web student with us at our massage & beauty school online. If you have questions or concerns about your education, large or small, do not hesitate to chat with us here on the website or to send us an email.

Our online massage school

With us, you have the opportunity to train in Swedish classical massage, sports massage and spa therapy. As a student, it is not always so easy to know what to choose and it is also not always so easy to know the difference between all the different massage methods that there are today to be able to choose educations within.

About Classic Swedish Massage

The Classic Swedish massage is today the western world’s most famous form of treatment for massage. We are often asked if we ourselves have chosen to call the treatment form Swedish classical massage as we ourselves are Swedes, but that is not the case (but what else can be better than learning Swedish classical massage than from Swedish experienced teachers and massage therapists ?).

This massage method can be given either as a half-body treatment or as a whole-body treatment. A treatment with Swedish Classical Massage is often given for 30 or 60 minutes and you can of course learn both here with us.

Here, the main purpose of the treatment is to be able to provide relaxation to the client, that the client can get pain relief for sore and stiff muscles is another purpose and positive effect with the massage. A treatment with Swedish classic massage has a medium depth and is also given at a slower pace.

The best way to learn the trade

When you study with us in this massage method, you get to learn everything from start to finish, no prior knowledge is required at all except that you have the right will and patience to learn.

Your online course includes, among other things, that you get to learn all the massage techniques and techniques that are included in this form of treatment. Other areas that are also included in the course are e.g. Ergonomics, customer service, self-stretching, practice, theoretical and practical tests, etc.

To find out exactly everything that is included in this education, read more on the specific education page.

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