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Classic Massage Courses

Read more about our selection of online courses in Classic Swedish Massage. Our courses range from light courses for home use, to diploma courses with certification that you can use professionally.
deep tissue massage course

Sport Massage Courses

Our sport massage courses is a variety of courses that deepens your knowledge from the Classic Swedish Massage courses. Learn how to treat sport injuries and other lesions with massage and therapeutic stretching.

Spa & Beauty Courses

If you are interested in courses of the more relaxing kind, read more about our courses that offer knowledge in everything from facials, relax massage and more. Our course selection will always be updated with new material.

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Our Online Massage Therapy School

This is what you get when studying at our school

Testimonials about our Online Massage Therapy School

From Our Previous Students

Monica Lindfors Sweden

The expectations for this can probably not be imagined before, but it is an opportunity that I think everyone should take.

Andrés Silva Norway

As an already trained masseur, I strongly believe in developing my skills with further training.I truly recommend this!

Annie Klingstam Sweden

I didn't think online courses would be for me but I actually liked it alot, especially becausa I could plan my own time.

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Where can I go to school to become a massage therapist?

A common advance question among many students is: “Where can I go to school to become a massage therapist?”. Of […]

Is a Massage School worth it? Get these 6 tips to find out!

Is a Massage School worth it? Get these 6 tips to find out!

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Is it normal to be sore after a massage?

Is it normal to be sore after a massage?

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Massage & Spa School

We are your Online Massage Therapy School!

Take the opportunity to study at our online massage therapy school by attending one or more of our eCourses in Massage, Spa & Wellness.

With us at Massage & Spa School you get the opportunity to study all our online courses in the safety and comfort of your home or wherever you want to be in the world, you decide this entirely yourself.

It is precisely the freedom of choice that you can study where you want, but also that you do not have to travel from home and family and thus have to lose both time and money, that all our students really appreciate. 

As a student at our online massage therapy school you don’t need to go anywhere you don’t want to.

An Online Massage Therapy School with variation

Being able to work at the same time as you complete your education and maintain your income is also a great advantage for many of our students. 

An added bonus for you and all other students is that you can do all our courses at a very good price!

As a student at our online massage therapy school, you can choose between attending either a vocational education with diploma/certification or just a course for house hold needs.

Frequently asked questions and answers about studying at our Online Massage Therapy School

Yes you absolutely can. You will learn to massage in detail from our Swedish massage teachers. This applies to everything from techniques, different massage grips and how to practically and theoretically perform massage treatments with classic swedish massage.

Your course at our online massage therapy school includes a lifelong access to our study platform and educational materials such as videos, pictures, text and the opportunity to attend popular webinars and more. All this in order to provide you with the best learning tools possible and to best suit you and your wishes.

Apart from that it is entirely up to you to practice all the different elements that are part of your course to also become proficient at massaging. Please also take some time and read the reviews here on the website about what other students say about the courses they have attended at our online massage therapy school.

You pay with your credit card through our payment system here on the website. Your purchases with us are always safe and secure, we use the latest security technology with the associated SSL certificate.

You can start studying the theoretical as well as the video/audio material as soon as you’ve paid and received the email with further instructions on how to access it. The practical part you can start with as soon as you have a massage table, someone to massage and massage oil or massage lotion to massage with and then you can be up and running. Remember that it is only the vocational courses online that have a theoretical part, the courses for at-home use have only practical content.

There are lots of positive physical and psychological effects and benefits of the classic massage method.
Some of the most common physical positive effects are that the massage does is to relieve pain, dissolve hard, stiff and sore muscles, increase blood circulation and metabolism, provide relaxation and “peace of mind” feeling, increase muscle and joint mobility.
Some of the most common positive psychological effects are that it reduces the stress hormone cortisol, increases the “feel good” hormones dopamine and serotonin, it can also reduce anxiety, depression and difficulty in sleeping.

That’s right, anyone who buys a course and associated diploma with us also gets our E-book “How to build your own Wellness Empire” for free!
When you add your vocational course to your shopping cart, the E-book is also automatically added. Once you have paid for your vocational course, you will be able to download the E-book for free.

When you buy a web course from us, no matter what you buy, you get login information for our study platform that applies for a certain amount of time.
Your access applies to the course or courses you have purchased. This means that you can log in to the platform even after you have completed the course that you have purchased from us, so you can always log in to the study platform and refresh your knowledge if you wish. The time for Mini-couses includes access for one whole year. For Light-courses it is three years and for the Diploma courses it is five whole years.

Here we recommend that you choose our course for at-home use in Classic Swedish Massage. At this online course you will basically learn how to treat loved ones with the aim of essentially providing relaxation and pain relief.

The course only has a practical content where everything is about learning how to become good at performing quality massage treatments.

No, being good at massaging is not primarily about strength. Being able to massage is about emotion, technology, empathy and how you as a massage therapist can use your body in an efficient and correct way.

Iit is always a bonus to have a good physical status as a foundation, especially if you are going to give several massage treatments one after the other or if you aim to continue working as a massage therapist as a profession since being one can be physically tough and challenging.

Practice hours are included in all professional training courses for the massage-, sports- and spa therapist. You as a student choose for yourself who or whom you want to do your practice hours with.
We recommend that you do these on those you feel comfortable with, but also that you do your hours on several different people and not just on a few. This is to give you experience on practicing treatments on several different body types and also to learn that all people have different desires, conditions and needs.

Whether you happen to get sick or if you for example would like to go on vacation, it does not ruin your opportunities to study with us at Massage & Spa School. The reason for this is that you always study entirely at your own pace and according to the schedule that suits you best. Take your time to get well in peace or go away on a nice vacation and study further when you simply feel ready for it again.

First of all, we are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with your courses at our online massage therapy school. Yes, you can be seen with your own review here on our website, just send us your review along with your name and photo to: admin@massageandspaschool.com.

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