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Welcome to our massage school!

We’re happy to see you here. At the Massage & Spa School we offer you online courses within massage and spa/beauty that has been developed by actual professionals within the industry. What better to learn Classic Swedish massage than at a massage school run by Swedish therapists?!

Here at our massage school online we offer you personal assistance in your education. And as an extra bonus; if you are interested in taking a Diploma course at our massage school, you are able to take the examinations at our actual school on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria- free of charge!

Read more about us, our courses and the possibilities we offer below.

Good Luck!

Mini courses

Learn from our short and easy mini-courses that helps you decide wether the subject is for you.
From 4
  • 6 months access to study platform and course
  • Restricted study material included in the video
  • Free support during the 6 months that you have
  • Restricted access to webinars at specific times

Light courses

A version for at-home use. Perfect to take a step further from the mini-courses
  • 1 year access to study platform and course
  • Basic or restrictive study material included
  • Extensive free support during the whole year
  • FREE webinars at specific dates and times
  • FREE E-book (Value 14,99€) to guide you

Diploma Courses

Our complete courses that also earns you a diploma from us after examination.
From 299€
  • 3 year access to study platform and course
  • Professional study material included
  • Extensive free support during the 3 years
  • Complete massage certificate afterwards
  • Possibility to take examination on site
  • FREE webinars at specific dates and times
  • FREE E-book (Value 14,99€) to guide you

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There’s always something amazing happening. Whether it’s on campus or around the world, our students and staff are seizing the day. Visit our course pages to see what they are saying!

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We are your Massage School!

Take the opportunity to study at our Massage School by attending one or more of our eCourses in Massage, Spa & Wellness.

As a web experience with us at Massage & Spa School you get the opportunity to study all our online courses in the safety and comfort of your home or wherever you want to be in the world, you decide this entirely yourself.

It is precisely the freedom of choice that you can study where you want, but also that you do not have to travel from home and family and thus have to lose both time and money, that all our students really appreciate. As a student with us you don’t need to go anywhere you don’t want to.

massage school

Being able to work at the same time as you complete your education and maintain your income is also a great advantage for many of our students. An added bonus for you and all other students is that you can do all our courses at a very good price!

As a student at our Massage School Online, you can choose between attending either a vocational education with diploma/certification or just a course for house hold needs.

"I was really super excited to take my massage course. It was actually even better than expected, so I will be back for more! Great Swedish teachers with a lot of knowledge and patience as well, +++++ from me"

Emily, LA. US

"Did their training in classic swedish massage and also the spa courses at the actual school, now I am thinking of taking sports massage training online. Really intense weeks but fun training. Very nice and professional teachers. Highly recommend these courses. Sun, heat and nice people"

Nina, Stockholm . Sweden

Our online training courses with diploma/certification that you can choose from are:

  • Massage Therapist with professional diploma. If you first do the diploma for Spa Therapist, you will be able to do this course with a 50% discount.
  • Sports Massage Therapist with professional diploma. (This is a continuing course after you first pass the Massage Therapist course. You get this course with a 50% discount after you complete the first course; Massage Therapist.
  • Spa Therapist with professional diploma. If you first do the diploma for Massage Therapist you will be able to do this course with a 50% discount.

If you go to one of the vocational training programs above, you can work as a self-employed person or as an employee at for example a clinic, salon, gym, spa etc.

  • You can also attend all of these courses and many more for home use only as a “Light” version. If you choose this option instead, you will receive courses that solely focus on practically learning how to give massage, spa treatment or how to rehabilitate a particular exercise- and/or sports injury. As mentioned, these courses are for home use only and for those who want to learn how to provide treatment for, for example, yourself, family and friends. If this is what you are interested, then visit our catalogue with our Light courses.

"This was an amazing place for me! I’ve always wanted to pursue a carreer in wellness so this was a great first step. The teachers are great and they really take care of you so that you learn without the distraction of nerves. I was kind of nervous at first but they really put me at ease. I took the two massage courses but Im now thinking about adding the Spa course as well"

Claudia, Manchester, UK.

"I am super happy with my massage education at MSS. I am not done with the course for massage therapist yet but will do so as soon as I am ready and will add the course for sports massage as it feels perfect to combine with"

Olivia, Chicago Illinois. US

Our massage school offers variation and is constantly developing

Our online courses show in a simple and explanatory way how to perform a treatment in detail, from start to finish. You also do not need to have any prior knowledge whatsoever for the massage course in Classic Swedish Massage or for training for a Spa therapist.

We show you everything from the massage grips you use, how to work ergonomically when performing a treatment and everything else you need to know to become very skilled at performing professional treatments for your clients.

Massage & Spa School offers you various online courses in wellness where you can simply choose the online course that suits you best. Our best seller and our most popular online course is the training in the world’s most famous massage technique, Classic Swedish Massage. What could be better than learning it by Swedish teachers with over 20 years of experience in the profession?

But most important for us is that you as a student become satisfied with your education with us, this is always our goal. For those of you who are thinking of enrolling to one or a few of our courses, please take some time and read what some of our former students say about their education with us, you can read about both here on the website but also on for example Google..

Whatever web course you choose with us, you can start today if you wish, we look forward to welcoming you as an online student at Massage & Spa School.

"I started by buying your e-book separately, got so engaged and inspired by the book that I just had to do the training to become a Massage therapist. It is seriously a couple of the best investments I have ever madeand can highly recommend you to everyone else. Now have long gone plans to start my own business"

Nick, Toronto. Canada

"Had long wanted to train to become a massage and spa therapist, so it was perfect to be able to combine these on Gran Canaria. I also got the opportunity to work for them during the winter season and using the knowledge right after the courses. I do not regret a second that I took the chance"

Jenny, Nyköping. Sweden

Frequently asked questions and answers about studying an eCourse at our Massage School

Yes you absolutely can. You will learn to massage in detail from our Swedish massage teachers. This applies to everything from techniques, different massage grips and how to practically and theoretically perform massage treatments with classic swedish massage.

Your course at our Massage School includes a lifelong access to our study platform and educational materials such as videos, pictures, text and the opportunity to attend popular webinars and more. All this in order to provide you with the best learning tools possible and to best suit you and your wishes.

Apart from that it is entirely up to you to practice all the different elements that are part of your course to also become proficient at massaging. Please also take some time and read the reviews here on the website about what other students say about the web training they have attended.

Here we recommend that you choose our course for at-home use in Classic Swedish Massage. At this online course you will basically learn how to treat loved ones with the aim of essentially providing relaxation and pain relief.

The course only has a practical content where everything is about learning how to become good at performing quality massage treatments.

You pay with your credit card through our payment system here on the website. Your purchases with us are always safe and secure, we use the latest security technology with the associated SSL certificate.

No, being good at massaging is not primarily about strength. Being able to massage is about emotion, technology, empathy and how you as a massage therapist can use your body in an efficient and correct way.

Iit is always a bonus to have a good physical status as a foundation, especially if you are going to give several massage treatments one after the other or if you aim to continue working as a massage therapist as a profession since being one can be physically tough and challenging.

You can start studying the theoretical as well as the video/audio material as soon as you’ve paid and received the email with further instructions on how to access it. The practical part you can start with as soon as you have a massage table, someone to massage and massage oil or massage lotion to massage with and then you can be up and running. Remember that it is only the vocational courses online that have a theoretical part, the courses for at-home use have only practical content.

Practice hours are included in all professional training courses for the massage-, sports- and spa therapist. You as a student choose for yourself who or whom you want to do your practice hours with.
We recommend that you do these on those you feel comfortable with, but also that you do your hours on several different people and not just on a few. This is to give you experience on practicing treatments on several different body types and also to learn that all people have different desires, conditions and needs.

There are lots of positive physical and psychological effects and benefits of the classic massage method.
Some of the most common physical positive effects are that the massage does is to relieve pain, dissolve hard, stiff and sore muscles, increase blood circulation and metabolism, provide relaxation and “peace of mind” feeling, increase muscle and joint mobility.
Some of the most common positive psychological effects are that it reduces the stress hormone cortisol, increases the “feel good” hormones dopamine and serotonin, it can also reduce anxiety, depression and difficulty in sleeping.

Whether you happen to get sick or if you for example would like to go on vacation, it does not ruin your opportunities to study with us at Massage & Spa School. The reason for this is that you always study entirely at your own pace and according to the schedule that suits you best. Take your time to get well in peace or go away on a nice vacation and study further when you simply feel ready for it again.

That’s right, anyone who buys a course and associated diploma with us also gets our E-book “How to build your own Wellness Empire” for free!
When you add your vocational course to your shopping cart, the E-book is also automatically added. Once you have paid for your vocational course, you will be able to download the E-book for free.

We are elated that you are satisfied with your courses with us, that is what is most important. If you want to be seen on our website please write a short review, max 100 words and email it to us and we will publish it on one of our pages or in our blog. We will only print your review, your first name and the city you live in. We are also very grateful if you also want to post your review on Google and Facebook.

When you buy a web course from us, no matter what you buy, you get login information for our study platform that applies for a certain amount of time.
Your access applies to the course or courses you have purchased. This means that you can log in to the platform even after you have completed the course that you have purchased from us, so you can always log in to the study platform and refresh your knowledge if you wish. The time for Mini-couses includes access for one whole year. For Light-courses it is three years and for the Diploma courses it is five whole years.

Yes it is a must at least if you choose to enroll to one of our vocational courses with diploma. This is so that you can perform the treatment correctly in terms of the client’s perception and feeling from the massage but also that you as a therapist should have a correct posture etc.
If you choose to attend one of the training courses for at-home use, a massage table is not a must but which we still strongly recommend that you get.
You will find several of our selected massage tables in our shop, the benches that are in the shop are also the massage tables that we ourselves have worked with for 20 years. Of course, if you prefer to buy another massage table online, this works perfectly well too.

First, consider what you are interested in and what you want to use your new knowledge and education for. Do you want eg. to start working in the industry? Then you should definitely choose one of our various vocational courses with the associated diploma.

If you would rather learn for personal use and to be able to massage family and friends, you should instead choose one of our “Light” courses.

On each specific course page you will find all the necessary information about the courses as eg. what the courses contains, how you pay them, what you need for equipment or materials etc. In addition, you will find a well-summarized section of frequently asked questions and answers at the bottom of each specific educational page.

Anyone who buys any of our diploma courses will receive a certification/diploma that entitles you to start working in the industry. If you buy any of the courses that are solely for at-home use, you will not receive a diploma but will still be able to perform nice massage and / or spa treatments.

It is entirely individual but like everything else, exercise gives skill and the more you train the more skilled you will become. We recommend that you practice massaging on different people, just because all body shapes are different and that everyone has different needs as desired.

We strongly recommend that you set aside at least 10-12 hours per week to both massage and to study the theoretical subjects that are included in the vocational programs with degree.

No, it’s never too late to learn how to massage. Being able to give quality massage treatments is not something at all in age or how big and strong you are, but is entirely due to interest, will, technology, empathy and feeling. Our oldest student that we had at our school was in her 70s, and she did great!

As soon as you have purchased your desired course you will receive an e-mail from us with your personal login details to our study platform. Once you have logged in to the study platform, you can start your course at once if you wish. All the purchased courses will be found in your own account.
Be sure to keep your login details safe and secure as these are for your personal use only and not for anyone else. If you lose or forget your login details you can request new from us, we will then send out new login details to the email address you provided when you bought your course from us.
It is important to remember that we will only send login details to the email address you have provided to us. We will never send these to any other email address than the one you signed up with, for your own safety. Please read our “Terms of Use” and our “Privacy Policy” which you can find in the footer area of the website.

Sure, all students are welcome to study at our school in Spain if you would prefer. The content of the courses online and on-site at our school is very similar.
The online courses have more practice hours and have a cheaper price as you will have to buy your own massage table among other things.
On the other hand, in the physical training courses, you have the direct contact and feedback from your massage teachers, which the online courses lack.
Instead, you can attend our live webinars and have contact with your massage instructors online.
Whether you choose to attend an online course or an on-site course, our goal is always for you to be 100% satisfied with your courses with us. To get answers to any questions you may have about these courses, you can always chat with our customer service or send an email to us if you would prefer.

We have created our webinars so that all our students, current and former, can participate in our live webinars so that they can always develop in their profession. It is wrong to believe that you are fully educated and know everything you need to know as the industry is constantly evolving.
All students who choose to go our courses entirely online, we never meet physically. For all of them it is a security to know that they can always attend our live webinars and there share new knowledge, experiences and ask the questions they may have.
Once you are logged in to the study platform you will always be able to see when the next live webinar is scheduled and where you can sign up for free. Also, be sure to ask your questions that you may have in advance, as all of these will have priority to be answered.
As time goes, we address all the questions that will come up continuously, the questions that are not answered at the actual live webinar we will address at the following webinar and so on.

Yes you can choose either, whichever suits you best. If you choose to do the certification exams online, you will receive instructions from us on how to conduct your practical exam and your theoretical exam, both of which are part of our vocational training courses with diplomas.
If you choose to visit us in Spain (on the Canary Islands), these will take place for 1-2 days. Anyone who chooses to do the certification exams on site will pay for flights and accommodation themselves, while the cost of the on-site exams is already included in the price of your course.
For anyone who chooses to come to the school and do the certification, we provide help to find good and cheap accommodation within walking distance to our classroom.

If you didn’t find your question above, you can always contact us via our chat here on the website or via E-mail.
You may get the quickest answer if you use the chat, but our hours are limited to working hours (Europe). If you prefer to send E-mail to us, our goal is to always try to answer all E-mail requests within 24 hours. This may vary we apologize if it take a little longer and promise to reply to your email as soon as we can.
With all this said, we hope to welcome you as an online student with us at Massage & Spa School, our goal is that you as a student should always be 100% satisfied with your education with us.