What is a deep tissue massage

What is a deep tissue massage?

A lot of people ask us: “what is a deep tissue massage?” I’ve decided to take a deep dive into what a deep tissue massage really is, just to give you all the answers you’re looking for on this exciting topic.

To start with, massage as a way to treat many illnesses, aches and pains is an ancient way to maintain good health. For thousands of years that has been the most common method to treat a long list of health issues related to both body and mind.

When you feel stressed, unable to focus, have sore muscles or have a general feeling of pain – maybe a deep tissue massage is the answer to all your problems! So what is deep tissue massage then, you might wonder.

What is deep tissue massage - all you need to know

Some people confuse this massage technique with a Swedish massage, but in reality it is another treatment. So what is deep tissue massage in reality? A deep tissue massage is a technique that uses firm pressure and slow strokes to really go down deep into our muscles as well as the fascia.

The fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all the organs and all the muscles in our body. The fascia is a paper thin tissue, which is made up of multiple layers with liquid in between. It is full of nerves, and it makes it just as sensitive as our skin.

When we are stressed, the fascia tightens up. That can lead to painful muscle knots and limited mobility, as the fascia is designed to stretch as we move.  A healthy fascia is smooth and flexible, but things like lack of movement on a daily basis or repetitive movement putting too much strain on a certain part of the body, can make the fascia thicken and become sticky.

How do I know if my problem is due to tight fascias?

Being able to identify if your aches and pains are due to muscular problems, joints or tight fascias is not always easy. Most problems with muscles and joints will be more painful the more we move.

If on the other hand our problem has to do with tight fascias, it tends to feel better the more we move. It also responds well to heat therapy.

Things you can do on your own to help keep your fascias healthy is to do regular exercise, stretching and make sure you keep a good posture.

Benefits from a deep tissue massage

Now that you know what this amazing massage technique is all about, it is time to talk about its most important benefits on our health.  

  • Breaks up scar tissue

One of the major benefits from a deep tissue massage is that it’s actually capable of breaking up scar tissue, and thereby improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation in the area.

  • Reduces pain

It´s a very effective way to treat a stiff neck or lower back pain for example.  

  • Lowers blood pressure

A deep tissue massage both lowers our heart rate and our blood pressure, which effectively reduces stress and tension.

  • Rehabilitates injured muscles

This is a very common treatment in sports related injuries since it increases the blood flow and thereby eliminates toxins from the muscle tissue.

To summarize what a deep tissue massage is really about

If you have been asking yourself what is a deep tissue massage, we hope that you now have a good idea regarding this treatment and its benefits for our health.

If you think it could help you feel better don’t hesitate – make a reservation with an experienced and skilled massage therapist already today!

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