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Want to learn sports massage? Great, here we go then!

For many of our students there is a great interest to learn sports massage. Sports massage is a massage and treatment method that requires much more from you as a student than if you wanted to learn how to give spa/relaxation massage or Swedish classical massage, for example.

To learn sports massage requires that you first of all have a basic training in massage, here a training in Swedish classical massage is suitable to have as a basis.

It also requires you to have a much deeper knowledge of the anatomy of the body, of sports and exercise injuries and their rehabilitation, of how to help your clients reduce the risk of recurrence, how to help your clients with therapeutic stretching and to give your own stretching tips to your clients, etc.

All this you will learn as a student at Massage & Spa School, however, a basic education in Swedish classical massage is always a must in order to go on to learn sports massage.

With us you can learn both classical massage and sports massage, you can choose to take both courses entirely online and alternatively with us in Gran Canaria.

The most important thing is that you have a strong desire to work with people and their well-being, everything else you will learn step by step as a student with us.

Sports massage, a massage method with a special purpose!

A sports massage treatment always has a specific purpose or goal, for example to help with rehabilitation after an exercise, sports or work-related injury.

A sports massage treatment is also useful to speed up the recovery period after activity, to loosen up hard and tense muscles and to increase the mobility of muscles and joints, etc.

A sports massage can also be specific over a particular muscle or area and does not follow a particular pattern as a classic massage does.

Furthermore, sports massage often ends with a therapeutic stretching of the muscles that have just been treated. Therapeutic stretching involves you, the client, being completely passive and the therapist stretching the muscle for you.

Sports massage originates from classical massage and what used to be a treatment method mainly for athletes is now a method for everyone, which is also good to know about.

As always, you first need to find out if the client is really going to be treated with a deep sports massage or not. If it turns out that treatment should be carried out anyway, it should also, as always, be tailored to your client’s needs.

This is what a typical day might look like for a sports masseur!

Working as a sports masseur is a varied and enjoyable job where you will have the chance to help people in many different settings.

For those who want to learn sports massage, it is also good to know that the job of a sports masseuse is also physically hard work. The profession requires you as a therapist to also be in good physical shape as you also work with as good ergonomics as possible.

As the job is also tough and tiring, it is best if you can combine massage methods to offer your clients, e.g., you can offer Swedish classical massage, therapeutic massage and/or spa/relaxation massage in addition to sports massage.

The more different methods you can offer your clients, the more variety you will have in your work, and you will also increase your earning potential as you can offer several different massage methods to your clients.

However, working as a sports massage therapist can mean a greater variety of clients where you can work in a clinic or clinic setting as well as working with sports teams or individual athletes where they may be.

We and our staff work with athletes and sports teams in a variety of sports daily. As Gran Canaria offers one of the best year-round climates in the world, it is common for many teams to come here for their training camps.

We often have recurring teams in football, cycling, athletics, long distance running and swimming teams who choose to spend their pre-season camps here in Gran Canaria.

In the case of the cycling teams, for example, they are often up in the mountains here on the island to train in that type of terrain. This means that we ourselves need to get up into the mountains and set up our massage benches in the chosen location to treat a large bunch of cyclists’ legs.

Here we may also need to accompany you during the actual training session. If we do this, it may also mean that we sometimes must work standing on our knees and the cyclists may not always be comfortable on one of our massage benches.

For football teams, we often stand at the side of the pitch or in the changing room to treat the players. As you can see, there are many varied and fun environments to work in when you work as a sports masseur.

It is therefore common that we sports masseurs must get used to not always having the perfect working posture or to work as ergonomically well as we would have liked in all situations.

Learn sports massage but don't forget to take care of yourself!

Working as a sports masseur is therefore very fun, varied and toughly challenging. To have a long and successful career and to also stay healthy and fit, you also need to take care of yourself in the best possible way.

Don’t forget to work on your physical and work ergonomics and make sure you get a good massage yourself every two weeks or at least once a month.

So, are you still interested to learn sports massage? We hope the answer is YES. If so, you are welcome to join our training courses in Swedish classical massage and later also as a sports masseur. As always, you can choose to do this entirely online or with us in Gran Canaria.

For any questions or concerns you are always welcome to chat with us directly here on the website, or if you prefer to call or email us that is also fine of course.

We hope to welcome you soon as a student at Massage & Spa School.

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