Don’t forget to scalp cleanse. Just as the skin on your face and body is affected by the weather, the skin on your head can react to the different weather conditions we are exposed to throughout the year. That’s why a scalp cleanse may be in order.

Now, not everyone lives like me, with half the year in Gran Canaria, where the humidity is quite high. Add to that sea breezes from the Atlantic and sun, dust particles from Africa and having hard water in the shower. The other half of the year is in Sweden where the air can be extremely dry during the colder part of the year, especially indoors, and where the cold makes your hair freeze if you go outside with it wet.

All these elements affect both skin and hair, but the scalp and a proper scalp cleanse is often forgotten. We like to take care of our face with various cleansers, serums, creams, toners, etc. But the head is washed with shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with wanting a fine and shiny scalp.

Scalp cleanse

Scalp cleanse are methods to take care of the skin underneath the mop

Depending on your skin type, the skin on the scalp may also react differently. Flaking skin when it’s too dry, acne and greasiness when you have oily and greasy skin, problems with itchiness, etc. Add to that how you put it under stress yourself with hair products, heat tools, hair ties, etc. and your scalp may be screaming for a scalp cleanse right now.

Oily skin, greasy scalp?

  • Cut down on washing

Rule number one is to avoid over-washing your hair. Of course, that’s easier said than done when you feel greasy and look “dirty”. As with your face, this can be an indication that you are over-washing your hair, drying out the scalp with harsh hair care products, which causes the scalp to produce more sebum. Try to wean your scalp from washing and start to drag out the time between washes. 

  • Do you have an oily scalp combined with feeling dry immediately after washing, and experiencing itchiness? 

Then you may need to replace your shampoo with a milder alternative that doesn’t dry out your skin. Are you one of those people who often itch and pick at your scalp? Ouch, ouch, stop it. The grease and grime from your fingers can be part of the problem to your scalp quickly becoming oily.

Dry skin, dry and itchy scalp?

  • Focus on nourishing and moisturizing face packs

If you know you have a problem with dryness, it probably won’t come as news that you need to take care of your scalp the way you do your face. A moisturizing mask that adds nourishment to the scalp can be much needed. A scalp cleanse can be simply to boost with extra moisture!

  • Analyze your products

If you also have sensitive skin, this is extra important when choosing products. Skip the perfumed shampoos and think minimalist. Choose products with beneficial oils, such as jojoba, and products that focus on being moisturizing.

You can do this to make a scalp cleanse

  1. Massage the scalp – Many times you may need to get rid of dirt and skin debris that is left building up in your scalp. A good scalp massage also causes increased circulation which is healthy no matter where on your body.
  2. Rinse hair and scalp with diluted apple cider vinegar after washing – Skin benefits from a more acidic pH, this applies to skin all over the body, so doing a vinegar rinse once in a while may be just what your scalp needs. But be sure to mix out the vinegar with water! Too acidic is not good either…
  3. Give your scalp a moisturizing wrap or mask! Make sure you have a healthy oil that suits you (the range is vast and some oils may suit you better than others, so have patience) such as olive, jojoba, argan, or sunflower oil. Some people settle for a pure oil pack while others mix in other ingredients that can add moisture to the skin. However, natural is not always best! There are products specifically designed for this purpose, so don’t turn your nose up at the wraps or blends you find in stores.
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