Sports Massage- Light course


Welcome to our Light course in Sports Massage!

This course offer you a way to learn how to give Classic Swedish Massage- one of the most used techniques in the World and by Swedish teachers- for at home use.

-In the course material included you have a sumarized version of the diploma course which teaches some of the important parts of understanding the massage itself.

-Included is also our E-book (Build your own Wellness Empire)

-We are here for you, wether if you have questions about the course before buying or about the material after buying.

To get started- What you need to start the course:

  • Buy this Light course
  • Plan your studies, read the material, watch and re-watch the video material.
  • Make sure to have a massage table, towels or sheets, massage oil or cream, a clock.
  • Book your practise clients; friends and family so that you can practise- when you are ready (we recommend starting with sections before attempting to do full massages)

Watch the video, practise on your “practise clients” and re-watch as many times as you need.

Course summary and table of content:

The Light course includes a video, a very summarized version of the course material and images for anatomy

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