Sports Massage- Diploma course


Welcome to our course to become a Sports massage therapist for a sports massage certificate online!

This continuing course offer you a way to learn how to offer Sports Massage by proffessionals with 20 years of experience.

-In the course material that is only included in the diploma course you have the theoretical part that is needed if you want to become a sports massage therapist as well as the full instructional video.

-Included in the sports massage certificate online course are also quizzes, follow ups and more.

-We are here for you, wether if you have questions about the course before buying or about the material after buying or the sports massage certificate online.


For full-time studies, we estimate that it takes about 30 days to complete the course with 50 massage hours included. Of these 50 hours, there also need to be treatments of 30 minutes, so the number of massage treatments you need to perform is between 52-100 to be approved. Please note that the course’s distribution of time is entirely up to you and you have three years to complete the course.

To get started- What you need to start the course:

  • Buy our diploma course
  • Plan your studies, read the material, watch and re-watch the video material.
  • Make sure to have your equipment needed for massage.
  • Book your practise clients; friends and family so that you can practise- when you are ready.

To complete the course- What do you have to do to pass the course and get the massage certificate online:

  • Learn the material, both written and video (massage)
  • Pass the quizzes (you have several attempts)
  • Pass the last exam (you have 3 years to complete the course and may re-take the test as many times you need)
  • Complete 200 practise hours, send in a client list as “proof”

We also offer you options to take the exams with us at our location, included in the price.

Watch the video clips, practise on your “practise clients” and re-watch as many times as you need.

Course summary and table of content:

Part 1 (aprox. 100 hours)

  • General about Sports massage
  • Sports massage and techniques
  • Examination methodology

Part 2 (aprox. 200 hours)

  • Sports injuries, how to treat and rehabilitation

Part 3 (aprox. 150 hours)

  • Therapeutic stretching

Practise Clients: 50 hours (aprox. 1,5 weeks)

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