Learn massage online

Learn massage online, yes, it IS possible!

Is it really possible to learn massage online?” is a question that we get if not daily then at least every week. The short answer is a resounding YES that it is indeed possible to learn massage online.

We have produced an incredible range of video material that shows all our students who wish to take one of our massage courses online exactly how to go about giving a really good massage treatment. As with everything else, it takes will and hard practice to learn massage online.

To learn massage online with us you only need to be +18 years old, otherwise no other prior knowledge is required. The courses offered whe you learn massage online with us are Classic Swedish massage, Sports massage, and Spa therapy.

All courses can be taken for home use as well as a professional training with a diploma after completion and approval.

The important thing for us is not that other schools and educators are envious of our online courses, but it is that all our students are happy and satisfied with their courses.

We always recommend those who are interested in attending one of our online massage courses (as with other massage schools) to do careful research on what previous students say about their massage courses with us and at other schools.

Learn massage online

Our students love the freedom to study whenever and wherever they want!

If there’s one thing that we often hear from our students now and those who have completed their courses before, it’s that the opportunity and freedom to study when, how and where you want is unbeatable. This is way we really recommend you to learn massage online at our school.

This was also the main idea when we created the possibility for our students to learn massage online with us at Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria.

It all started when we received many email requests for our on-site training courses in Gran Canaria (which we continue to receive and for which we are of course grateful) but that it did not fit in with our pre-set course dates.

Further things to consider for any student wishing to attend a massage training course anywhere in the world is to bear in mind that you may also have a long journey to and from the school.

You may even need to live away for the whole duration of your studies or at least in batches, this also creates additional costs.

The interest to learn massage online only increases

Many students also have full- or part-time jobs from which they cannot simply take time off. Even if it would be possible to take time off from work during a massage training course, one may not be able to afford the financial loss of income that often occurs. This is also a super strong reason to learn massage online with us.

Also, many struggle with the idea of leaving the safety of home at the moment, for various reasons so to learn massage online looks more and more appealing.

All these things mentioned above, and a lot more have also been kept in mind when we created our online massage and wellness training courses. In addition, we also don’t think it should have to cost a fortune to educate yourself in the subject.

In the end it is you as a student who needs to ask yourself what you want out of your training, do you want to learn massage online for home use to treat your loved ones?

Do you want a new part-time or full-time job as an employee? Do you already have a profession where a massage training would have complemented your other profession perfectly? Would you like to open your own practice and take on your own clients as a self-employed person?

Regardless of whether any of the above options apply to you or not, we always have a massage course that suits you, your wishes and your needs when you want to learn massage online with us.

Learn massage online

A few words from some of our students!

It is always with pleasure that we open and read emails from current and former students who write:

“I like the opportunity to study at home when the kids are at school or after you go to bed. I have always wanted to be a masseur but have also not been able to afford or travel away from my family, now I have the chance thanks to your online courses to become a masseur, thank you SO much”

-Anna Lindgren

“Have always been interested in sports and sports massage and to educate myself on the subject. I live very remote in the States and could never have afforded to be away studying, now I can learn massage online with your training which I am really pleased and grateful for”

-Mike Stern

“I already have a career as an engineer which I am happy with but had long been interested in a course for home use. I took a course just for home use in Swedish classical massage with you and to be able to help my parents and I (and they) are very happy”

-Julia Vanko

“My girlfriend and I work as personal trainers and took both the massage and sports massage courses to complement our regular jobs as PTs. We are both super satisfied and highly recommend their courses to other students. Really competent Swedish teachers”

-Greger Matsson

“Took the massage course in Gran Canaria and am super satisfied, have received great feedback from my clients. It was some really intense and hard days but so worth it. Amazing that you can still learn so much in such a short time.”

-Anna-Linn Sjöö

“I find it fun to improve my knowledge and learn new things, even though I’m a bit older now. I’m proud of myself that I succeeded and I want to take this opportunity to praise the incredibly knowledgeable [teachers]”

-Liz Downs

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