To learn massage

How do I learn massage?

Learn massage through training either at a school that has a place to visit or at one that offers their courses online. 

The time to learn massage varies depending on if you want to be certified or if it is for home use. Make sure to check the rules in your country or state when you want to learn massage.

Want to learn massage? Anyone can learn massage, it's all about interest!

Who can really learn massage? There are a lot of questions and thoughts from many of you visitors about how to learn massage. Who can learn massage is really only about one single thing; an interest and a desire to learn.

Then you need to think about which different forms of massage you want to learn. At our Massage & Spa School, we train our students in Swedish classical massage (or Classic Swedish Massage as we ourselves choose to call it), sports massage and relax / spa massage, but being able to choose which method or methods you want to train in is very much about what you yourself are interested in.

It therefore presupposes that you know which form of treatment you want to train in, something that for many may not be very easy to know from the beginning. One reason for this may also be that there are so many incredible forms of treatment for massage that for some it is a jungle of different forms and methods to choose from and which you need to find out more about in advance.

That is why we also thought of giving you even more flesh on the bones where you will briefly learn a little more about some of the most famous massage methods in the world.

How do I learn massage? Here's the most famous methods

First and foremost, of course, we want to speak warmly for our own Swedish classical massage, which we mainly teach at our school. 

It continues to drop in some questions where some wonder if we call it that because we ourselves are Swedes, even if we could have wanted it, that is not the case!

So, are you still pumped to learn massage and finding out a little more about some of all the different massage methods in the world? Good, let’s go! Here is a short introduction to different famous methods when you want to learn massage.

Learn Swedish classical massage or Classic Swedish massage

The Swedish classic massage is today the western world’s most famous form of treatment for massage and is a half or full body treatment with a focus on primarily giving the client relaxation but also pain relief. 

A treatment with Swedish classical massage has a medium-hard pressure and is performed at a slower pace. The treatment primarily treats the muscles but also secondary skin and joints.

A Swedish classic massage involves the therapist using strokes, kneading, friction, light rhythmic beats and shaking / vibrations and thus helps to dissolve tensions, provides relief for stiff and bad muscles and speeds up blood circulation. 

The treatment is adapted as a massage treatment (regardless of method) should always be done, according to the client’s wishes and needs.

Today, every serious clinic that offers massage, at least in the western world, must also offer Swedish classical massage, even though it is often referred to as just classical massage at many clinics. 

If you want to learn massage (classic/swedish) our Massage & Spa School is always a great choice for you as a student.

Learn massage

Acupressure massage

Originates from China and Japan. The client is lying on a massage table with his or her clothes on. The therapist sits / stands next to the massage table and creates pressure on different points according to the treatment plan. Finally, and for a relaxing purpose, you treat points on the shoulders, neck and head and with light touch of the feet, abdomen and chest.

Acupressure can help with e.g., asthma, allergies and breathing problems, headaches, stress, anxiety, worry, muscle / joint pain, dizziness, etc. Today, it is common for this treatment method to be included as part of the treatment of a therapeutic massage and / or a sports massage.

Ayurvedic massage

Is an ancient Indian massage method that is based on maintaining and restoring health through the three elements air, fire and water. 

The treatment can be done through several different techniques where full body massage with special oils according to the client’s needs and head massage are some of the techniques used.

The complete treatment takes place in silence as the purpose is to create peace and quiet and dispel other thoughts than just “here and now”.

Connective tissue massage

Is a deep and powerful massage method that involves the therapist pulling and stretching the client’s skin / connective tissue / fascia in order to dissolve tension, stiff and sore muscles and to provide pain relief, increased blood circulation to the tissue and increased mobility.

Learn massage

Energy massage

Is a multi-thousand-year-old Japanese massage method performed with the client sitting in a massage chair and with the clothes on. 

The treatment method involves the therapist shaking, pressing and stretching the muscles in the back, shoulders and shoulders. An energy massage can be both relaxing and invigorating.

Let's learn massage

Hot stone massage

Performed by the therapist using special heated smooth lava stones that he / she places and touches the clients back with. It is also common to use aromatic oils during a hot stone massage. 

A hot stone massage should have a calming and relaxing effect and also increase blood circulation in the body. This is commonly introduced in Spa therapy courses, such as our own.

Learn Sports massage at our Massage School

Originates in Swedish classical massage from the ground up. A sports massage has a harder and deeper pressure than the classic massage and treats a specific area / muscle. A sports massage has a purpose and a results-based goal and is also performed at a faster pace than the classic Swedish massage.

Previously, it was common for this treatment method to be used mainly by elite athletes and elite teams, now this is a treatment method for everyone who has a need for it and who can also be treated with this deep form of massage. This is also a massage method that we at Massage & Spa School teach through our physical courses in Gran Canaria but also entirely online.


Therapeutic massage

It also has its origins in the classic massage. A therapeutic massage is a tougher and more in-depth massage treatment where you also use special treatment of so-called trigger points via acupressure. A therapeutic massage treatment often ends with a therapeutic stretching of the muscles that have just been treated.

A therapeutic stretch means that it is the therapist who stretches the client’s muscles while the client himself is constantly passive.

Shiatsu massage

Is a thousand-year-old Japanese massage method performed in the traditional way on a soft mattress on the floor. The treatment can also be performed sitting or on a massage table. 

The client wears the clothes during the treatment. The therapist creates pressure and stretches through a calm dynamic flow. Through soft touch and warmth, the client gets to experience the feeling of just being in the present.

Learn Relax massage at our Massage School

Is another method that has its origins in the classic massage. Is a very light touch massage of the skin that is performed at a slow pace where the purpose of the treatment is to provide total relaxation and relaxation.

We provide this form of treatment at Massage & Spa School as a part of our training for Spa Therapist, on site in Gran Canaria even online if you as a student would prefer it.


Tactile massage

Tactile massage is often seen as the same as relaxation massage. The therapist treats the client through a slow and light touch of the body’s largest sensory organ, the skin. 

This massage method is becoming more common that it is also used in healthcare. This is because the need for touch is considered to increase in the event of injury and rehabilitation and illness.

Tactile / Relaxation massage has a good effect to, among other things, reduce stress, create peace and quiet, relieve pain, increase body awareness, etc.

Thai massage

Is a stimulating massage method that has its origins in Thailand just as the name says but also has its origins in India and China. The treatment is performed in the traditional way on a mattress on the floor where the therapist uses his hands, fingers, elbows, feet and knees to push, pull and stretch the muscles and joints.

A Thai massage can be seen as a combination of acupressure and yoga-like stretching. A traditional Thai massage can be both relaxing and invigorating and has a good effect on mobility, pain relief, increases blood circulation and body awareness. In a traditional Thai massage, the clients keep all the clothes on, and no oil or cream was used by the therapist.

Which method or methods do you want to train in?

To learn massage is all a question of interest and what method that suits you best. We hope that you have gained a little more insight and knowledge about how some of the most well-known massage methods work and what they contain.

Is it Swedish classic massage, sports massage or relaxation massage that attracts you the most? Or maybe you’re more interested in giving amazing facial and body treatments in spa and beauty?

No matter what we have the courses for you and we hope to welcome you as a student with us at Massage & Spa School, Gran Canaria.

Do you want to learn massage and attend one of our online courses? Yes, then you can start today already if you want.

Other courses on site and our course dates can otherwise be found as usual on our website and you can always call, email or chat with us directly in the live chat here on the website and to get even more information about all our courses and educations.

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