Massage Therapy Certification Online

How do I get a massage therapy certification online?

Take our massage therapy certification online and study where you are. With an online course at Massage & Spa School, you can always choose courses that suits your need, whether it be diplomas or for home use.

Our massage therapy certification online suit you who want to study at your own pace and wherever you want to be and who on top of this would like to get a top education to a great price.

Massage Therapy Certification Online, study where you are!

When you open the inbox in your e-mail basket and read how happy you students are to be able to do your massage therapy certification online, it really warms us right into the soul.

I sit down in the office with my double espresso (thank goodness for coffee in the morning) and think about how many different paths and opportunities there are for learning today and which did not exist before.

It almost feels like it was yesterday when you yourself sat in the classroom as a younger person and listened to the teachers’ long lectures.

Today, opportunities for learning look in a completely different way than what I said before and luckily it is. Above all, we are all different and have different ways of studying to make learning as good and as effective as possible.

We are just as happy for all students who would like to attend our massage therapy certification online where it does not have to be an obstacle to be able to attend just because, for example, one lives far away.

Our Massage Therapy Certification Online is open for everyone

To be able to get an education and study according hours that suits best, tailored to you as a student and your schedule. It is also important that you should also be able to afford to be able to attend an education that you have always longed for.

With our massage therapy certification online everyone is welcome, no matter where you live in the world. With us, it should not be decisive how thick your wallet is, we have affordable educations that suit everyone’s wishes as well as everyone’s finances.

This applies both to our courses massage therapy certification online as it does to our massage therapy courses online without a diploma and which is then only for home use, you as a student choose which one or which ones suits you best simply.

for our massage therapy certification online

After your Massage Therapy Certification Online one day will not be the same as the next

One of the absolute most fun things in our job is to have the honor of having so many students around the world that want to take our massage therapy certification online and who are happy with their educations. It is just as fun to hear about how the courses have become life-changing for so many.

When you think back to many of the professions you have as a young person, there were not many that you really enjoyed. Many jobs were short and temporary jobs where it was the salary that was important and the jobs that worked in the meantime that you thought about what you really wanted to do in this life.

Precisely the monotonous tasks that were not varied or challenging at all to work with what we do today, there are really light years between these.

To be able to work with people and their well-being at one of all our clinics as it is now is truly a favor. To then also be able to work at our school with all our web training in massage therapy certification online and with you students who also want to work to improve the well-being of others, there really is nothing better!

Take a step towards your future

So you who also want to take our massage therapy certification online to start a new career can really look forward to an incredibly rewarding and varied job where you will be able to do great good.

Are you now ready to take the first step to becoming a really good masseur? With our massage therapy certification online, you can start today if you want!

This is what a normal day can look like

We have already talked in previous blog posts about what a normal day at our Massage & Spa School can look like when it comes to our physical education. We went through this earlier when many of you students were curious about what it can look like with us and how the students’ days are organized. 

Since many readers of the blog also work as masseurs and self-employed people today or have a desire to do so once you have completed their education, there will also be a lot of questions about what our days as entrepreneurs can look like.

As we work in parallel with our school, Massage & Spa School, and our different receptions in Gran Canaria, our days are very varied and different. To still answer your questions, you can say that it is common for our days to look like this:

04:30 Wake up.

05.00 Yoga, Gym or morning walk.

06:00 Shower and breakfast.

07:00 The working day begins. We have a clear distribution of work, but where the day usually starts with us going through emails that we did not have time to answer during yesterday and all the emails that also came in from interested students during the night. Most inquiries concern our massage therapy certification online and can be about big and small.

08.00 Telephone meetings and email contact with partners. Answers questions and reviews received via social media.

09:00 The school day begins for our students who attend our physical education. Here we often split up so one of us is with the students and the other goes around to our receptions. If we do not have courses at the moment, one stays in the office and the other goes to the clinics for treatments and to meet the staff.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 The courses continued. Here, one is still with the students and the other is in the office to answer emails and chat requests that come in regularly and takes meetings with clients together with all other administrative work that must be done. If we do not have courses, one takes all this work and the other provides treatments to regular customers.

16:00 The school day ends for the students if we have courses. Telephone calls and email contact with employees, possibly. One last turn out to one of the receptions if needed.

17:00 Dinner

18:00 Sends invoices and pays invoices. Manages PR and advertising campaigns. Preparation for the upcoming webinar. Answer the e-mails received for the day from interested students.

20:00 Yoga, Gym or evening walk.

21:00 Shower and then evening coffee with chill on the couch.

22:30 Good night!

But don't feel sorry for us, we chose this

It is more or less common for our days to look like work on a 6-day schedule. When there are so many things to hold in the air at the same time, it becomes even more important that everyone knows what to do and with clear communication.

Working after this also makes the work much more efficient for us. How do you do it yourself? Do you work in a similar way?

for our massage therapy certification online

Do what you want and what makes you feel good

Working usually over 60 hours per week is absolutely not unusual for an entrepreneur, quite the opposite. There are those who work more and there are those who work less than that.

In the end, it’s a lot about what you want to do and what you feel good about doing. All people are different and for the masses, it is a regular paid job as an employee 40 hours / week that is the most common, different things suit different people.

Here we think you need to sit down in peace and quiet and actually think about what it is that you really want to do for something, What are your goals? What makes you feel good and what makes you happy?

Once you have figured out what it is that you want to do, your goals and what makes you feel good, it is time to write everything down on a piece of paper and then find out how to do this practically.

In previous blog posts, we have discussed how to work towards set goals and we have also addressed this in our E-book. You who also attend our massage therapy certification online get the E-book for free, otherwise it is always also available in our webshop.

After your Massage Therapy Certification Online you can start up with a small budget

After your massage therapy certification online you can usually believe that you need a large start-up capital to e.g. start a business or project, this of course depends on what it is you want to do.

We started ourselves with $ 200, today we have a million turnover where several receptions and talented employees are included, exactly how we did you can also find in our E-book where you get lots of tips, inspiration and motivation for everyone who works and wants to work in the wellness industry.

After your massage therapy certification online you can also start up your business with a small budget. You will get all the tips you need in our E-book when your starting up with a small budget.

Free e-book

The will to succeed is most important of all

The most important thing that you should have, whether you are (or want to become) an entrepreneur or if you just want to achieve one or more goals that you have in life is the will!

A will that can move mountains will always be the single biggest factor if you are to succeed with what you want to do or where you want to reach.

So, now it’s simply up to you. Decide what you want to do and what you feel good about and then start working for it, dare to take the step.

It is not always that you reach all the way to your goal, so it is for everyone and it is important to take this as experience to analyze what you did well and less well. Then correct what was done less well and you will eventually reach all the way to your goal.

Hard work pays off- believe me

Regardless of whether you want to take a vocational education in massage with us for our massage therapy certification online, where you may have the goal of starting your own business or if you have other goals, this is possible if you really want it.

Nothing will come for free and you will have to work really hard to reach all the way forward. When you then reach your goal, there will be few emotions that beat this feeling. Then know with yourself that nothing is impossible for you if you are only willing to work hard for it.

Now dear friends, it’s time to drink my dear espresso here before it cools down, think what luck you also have who do not have bigger problems than that.

Have a really nice day and do not forget to be afraid of each other, maybe I will be lucky enough to meet you as a web student with us at Massage & Spa School today, tomorrow or whenever you want.

And want to remind you that as a web student you can start immediately with us, today if you wish. On our physical courses on site, there are predetermined course dates that you will find on the website, if these would rather be something for you.

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