Home study massage with Massage & Spa School!

Why not take the chance to home study massage at one of our quality assured and affordable online massage courses?

To be honest, it has taken us some time to complete our home study massage courses, which can now all be taken 100% online for any student who wishes to do so.

It’s easy to sail away and not stop to enjoy or see what you have achieved, can you feel like that sometimes too?

It is nevertheless with pride that we can say that we can offer fully online training in massage where you as a student can home study massage through us, as the training is fully online as mentioned above you study your course where you want and where you want.

When we launched our first online massage courses in 2019, all of which can be purchased solely for home study or as vocational training with a diploma at the end of the course, we became the first in the world to be able to offer our students both training options.

At the same time, we also became the first school to be able to offer such a wide and deep range of courses within our Swedish Classical Massage, Sports Massage and Spa Therapist courses where students can (if they wish) home study massage and at the same time gain a brand-new professional qualification and diploma.

Home study massage

Why should you home study massage with us?

It goes without saying that all schools in wellness and massage want you to choose just them. We also want you to choose us and to home study massage with us.

We will never shout out that we are the best massage school in the industry with the best Swedish teachers, if our students want to do that then of course we have nothing against it and are grateful and happy for it.

The students yes, you and all our other current, past and future students are most important to us. Your satisfaction with your education with us is what it’s all about.

It’s fantastic that you are considering to home study massage with us, it’s an incredibly rewarding, varied but also tough job. When choosing a massage school, we think you should compare the schools out there (including ourselves). 

Look at what other students say about the schools and think about what is important to you about your training. Examples include price, length of training, class size and how many teachers will be teaching each class, location of the school etc.

Oh yes, that's the part about why we think you should choose us as your school:

-Home study massage, choose from home study courses or take any of the courses that give you Diploma and new vocational training. You start your training when you want (why not today?) and you study at your own pace and you also study wherever you want.

-Affordable courses, no matter which online course you choose from us, they all come at a great price. Many people wonder why the online courses are half the price of the courses in Gran Canaria. On the web courses there is no cost for things like room hire, staff costs, study materials and books, insurance etc. so it does for the courses with us in Gran Canaria.

Because of this, the online courses are also affordable, and you will also need to buy a massage bench (which you may be able to purchase through us) and other consumables such as massage oil and towels. However, it is important to know that the content of the courses is the same whether you buy an online course from us or if you take a massage course with us in Spain.

-Experienced and skilled Swedish teachers, we teach Swedish classical massage, sports massage and have training courses for spa therapists. Swedish classical massage is the most famous massage method in the world, although many other schools certainly have great teachers and good training, there are few (if any) that beat learning Swedish classical massage from Swedish massage teachers with over 20 years of experience in the profession, this you also get from us.

Feedback from former students that choosed to home study massage with us!

If there’s one thing that warms the heart and soul, it’s all the nice emails we get from our current and former students, both online and those who have flown to Las Palmas Gran Canaria to train on site.

We usually mention some of the emails that have been sent to us here in the blog (after we have of course also received the ok from the student about this).

A few weeks back we received an email from Emily in the UK:

“For me it was a perfect fit to home study massage because I have another profession. I took the Swedish Classical Massage Home Study course to treat my mother’s fibromyalgia, but I was so pleased with the course and became even more interested that I then also purchased the Diploma course. Now I’m actually thinking of changing my profession completely and opening my own practice as a Swedish classical massage therapist. 

I am super satisfied with the courses and can highly recommend your training to everyone. A bonus that I really want to credit you for is the very good course material that describes in detail and shows via video, pictures and text how to do just about everything”.

Home Study Massage - or wherever you are

As I said, the fact that you as students are satisfied with your training with us is what matters most and reading Emily’s emails and all your others is fantastic. We reply to all the emails we receive from you but it can sometimes take us a little longer than we would like to reply to everyone, but we promise to reply as soon as we can.

If you also feel ready to home study massage with us, please feel free to start today or tomorrow or whenever it suits you best.

As always, you can chat with us here on the website or email us with any questions you may have. Also, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and on Facebook.

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