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Finally our Massage School Online is live!

It has taken its little time but now finally our massage school online is live! We started secretly already at the end of 2020 with our online courses and then shifted up from the beginning of 2021 and where we can now offer our entire range of online massage courses and spa/beauty courses.

One can safely say that it has been a long and crooked road and that it has taken much longer than we first thought it would. From start to finish, we had set a schedule that we would be ready to launch our massage school online within a maximum of one year. When we were finally live with everything, it would turn out that the stopwatch finally stopped at over two years.

Everything from producing videos, text material, sound and lighting to editing the material over and over again to designing the look of our website (to name just a few examples), yes the journey has been very long and in many moments tiring but also incredibly fun.

However, it has been worth all the effort now that we also have the great honor of being able to present our online courses in massage, physio therapy, spa & beauty that focuses on practical learning.

It's now that it all begins

We, Tamy and Andy, are Swedish manual therapists with over 20 years of experience in the profession. For over 5 years now, we have been offering physical training to masage therapists, sports masseurs and spa therapists on site on Gran Canaria, Spain.

With us, you are welcome if you are +18 years old and you do not need any prior knowledge to be welcome as a student at our massage school online. A genuine interest in becoming a skilled manual therapist is what we want from you.

It is also never too late to learn new knowledge, this of course also applies in our industry. Today we have students on our online courses who are physically on site at our school in Spain who are between 18 – 72 years old, so in other words there are always opportunities to learn more about manual therapies no matter what age you are.

Our massage school online will never stop evolving

At our massage school online will constantly develop our material and where you as a student should always be able to buy affordable beauty courses online and online massage courses that you can study at your own pace and where you are. 

At our massage school online you will always be able to buy courses that are intended for personal use and that are also there for you to be able to help loved ones.

In addition to this, you will also be able to find the absolute best that we have to offer you, our vocational training with associated diplomas, which are all for you who want to start a new professional career in massage and / or spa & beauty.

For anyone who buys one of our light or diploma courses at our massage school online, we can also offer our E-book “Build your OWN Wellness Empire” completely FREE, value $14.95. 

The book contains more than 180 tips and suggestions on how to do yourself to be successful in industries such as massage, beauty, physio therapy, personal training, hairdresser, coaching etc.

Get lots of tips and great deals

We will also constantly update our blog and where we promise to give all our readers lots of useful and helpful information. You will also receive lots of tips and ideas on how you can, for example, develop your business, how you can become an even better manual therapist and not least, you will be able to get nice offers to take advantage of.

We will also share our own experiences, our everyday lives, our own success and also our past mistakes. We hope that you would like to follow our blog and that you will find lots of value for you who are already – or who want to become a manual therapist.

You can also get additional tips and offers if you sign up for our newsletter and if you follow our social media. We also hope that we have the pleasure of welcoming you as a student at our massage school online.

Warm welcome to our massage school online and pleasant reading.

Tamy & Andy

Owners, Massage & Spa School.

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