Learn to give massage

Can I learn to give massage?

Can you also learn to give massage? Yes you can! We believe that everyone can learn to perform massage, at any age!

To learn to give massage may take some time depending on your goals but you can also learn in an hour or two if you just want to help someone for a specific area.

Learn to give massage, everybody can learn!

A common question for us is whether it is not difficult to learn to give massage! The question is often asked from both interested students and from our daily clients at our various receptions.

As with everything else in life, a burning interest in learning new things is required first and foremost. If you have the desire to learn (which is the most important thing) then everyone can learn to give massage.

Today there are lots of different massage methods and techniques around the world, the one we work with most is also the world’s most famous, the Swedish classic massage.

In addition to the Swedish classic massage, we also work very much with deep therapeutic massage methods such as sports massage and therapeutic massage.

Where to learn to give massage

At our school, Massage & Spa School, you get to learn to give massage through one of all our educations in just massage. You can take all our courses entirely online or on site with us in Gran Canaria, you choose according to what suits you best!

As I said, learning to massage can be learned by everyone if you only have the right interest, will and attitude.

Different massage methods require different amounts of time to learn and they also require different amounts of energy from you as a masseur. How long it takes to learn to give massage is of course very individual and also depends on how often you practice.

To give an example of this, it is e.g. a very big difference between a treatment with sports massage as it is against a treatment with spa / relaxation massage.

A treatment with sports massage requires a deeper knowledge of the body’s muscles and anatomy. It also contains more different techniques and grips at the same time as it is much more stressful and takes more energy for you as a masseur, even what a spa / relaxation massage does.

It is therefore important to know that different massage methods and treatments require different amounts of knowledge as it also requires different amounts of physical energy from you as a masseur depending on the type of treatment that is also to be performed.

Learn to massage

You will learn to work ergonomically correct!

Another common question from students as well as from clients is whether it is not difficult to give a massage. Here, too, it depends on the type of treatment you perform, but it is also very important to work ergonomically smart and correctly, you can of course also learn this from us!

It is a common misconception to think that we masseurs only work with the fingers, the fact is that when you learn to give massage with our Massage School you get to learn to work as little as possible with the fingers, but why is that?

Well, working mostly with the fingers means that you constantly overload the fingers and their joints, which can often lead to injuries and if it gets worse, osteoarthritis in the joints.

When you want to learn to give massage, it is therefore incredibly important that you work in an ergonomically good way, in this way you stay longer in the profession as a masseur, you can also learn this from us at Massage & Spa School.

Back to what we just wrote about working as little as possible with the fingers, it is impossible to completely avoid working with the fingers as smaller muscle areas that cover a smaller area usually require us to go in and treat with the fingers.

However, we will teach you to do this as rarely as possible and instead work with many other rewarding techniques that are much less degrading to your own body.

An example here is also from the sports massage where you get to learn to use the whole body when you give sports massage, here it is your own body weight that will do much of the work!

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What to do when you choose to learn sports massage

In a sports massage, we use almost exclusively deeper massage grips and techniques as a treatment with sports massage has a deeper / harder pressure and with a goal of achieving a specific result.

In the sports massage, you will, among other things, learn from us how to give treatment with your knuckles, forearms and elbows.

It is always important to remember that it is a physically strenuous job to work as a massage therapist, especially if you choose to work with deeper treatment methods.

That is why it is also good to think about taking care of yourself as a masseur by having a good physique for the work to be performed, stretching your own muscles, getting good treatment yourself and eating and drinking properly.

Another good tip along the way is also to combine several different professions, in this way you get more variety in your profession and save your own body, in addition, you increase your income opportunities if you work as your own.

With us at Massage & Spa School, you can easily combine several different vocational courses in massage and thus spread your knowledge.

When you combine several different courses with us, you just get more variety with several different massage methods so that you can also offer your clients several different types of treatment. Here, too, your own body saves and gets more opportunities for increased income.

If you choose to attend several different courses with us, you always do this at a very good and discounted price.

Learn to massage

You will also learn this!

Working ergonomically correctly means so much more than just using the right type of massage grip for the treatment to be given.

To stand in the right position when you massage, how your massage should table be set, when you should stand and when you can sit, what angle and position you should have on your arms and hands when you massage. Yes, all this and much much more you get to learn when you study with us!

For us, it is always just as fun to read our students’ feedback to us that they think they get so much in the price in their massage training with us.

We want everyone to be able to afford to train in the subject of massage, regardless of whether they have envisioned a new career in the profession or to just learn to massage for home use.

Although we always in our professions as masseurs want to help our clients as much as we can, it is also important that the client gets help for self-help by taking care of, for example, their rehab after injury.

When you learn to give massage with us you will also learn how to both help and tell your clients how they themselves can stretch / stretch their muscles.

To just be able to help others in need of e.g. Pain relief or relaxation is incredibly rewarding and something that we also hope you want to train in, so are you ready to start?

When you learn to give massage with us you can start today if you want and you will have access to your study material as soon as you have paid for your course.

If you choose to take one of our physical courses in Gran Canaria, you will find our course dates here on the website, also here we have flexible dates that allow you to start your education when it suits you if you are at least 2. who starts the course at the same time.

So regardless of whether we are seen online via our courses there or through our physical courses here in Gran Canaria, we also look forward to welcoming you just as a student with us at your Massage & Spa School.

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