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From Our Previous Students

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Nina Nyberg Sweden

As a nail technician this course mas perfect for me! I can now add steps and treatments to my business.

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Aida Thorsson World citizen

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for letting me try your online course in Spa therapy! It has been a long time dream of mine to learn more.

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Romi Gutierrez España

Me encantó! Tuve la oportunidad de probar dos cursos online con esta escuela puesto a que me interesa el tema.

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Welcome as a student at our online beauty courses!

All students +18 years and without any requirements for prior knowledge are hereby welcomed to our beauty courses that focuses on spa treatments, you read your education at online and can start today if you wish.

We at Massage & Spa School are the personal school that wants everyone to feel welcome and where you as a student always get the help and support you need for you to eventually become a very good spa therapist.

We want everyone to be able to afford to study with us,

-that there should be no obstacle to living far away from an educator,

-that you should not have to be off work and thus lose your income,

-that you should not have to be away from loved ones.

These are just some of the benefits that we know many students who take the beauty courses with us also appreciate very much.

Something that we are very proud of is the response and feedback we get from satisfied students who go or who have completed their spa therapist training with us.

Make sure our beauty courses suits you, try a Mini course!

Take the opportunity to read here on the page what some of our former students say about their educations with us at Massage & Spa School. Our goal is always for you as a student to be 100% satisfied with your education with us, wether it is beauty courses or if its massage courses. Should you have any questions or concerns about the training for Spa therapist or any of our other courses, do not hesitate to contact us here via the chat on the website or by emailing us.

Feel free to look over the section below for common questions and answers about the training for Spa therapist, if you do not find your question with associated answers below, we look forward to hearing from you today.

Frequently asked questions about our spa & beauty courses

You start when you can and when you want, you can start today if you want. You also decide when to study. There are no predetermined hours that you need to study per day but you study when it suits you and your everyday schedule. You also study at your own pace and at your own pace.

You choose where you want to study somewhere. In the home’s safe and quiet nook, in the favorite cafe, or on the work grill. If you have other favorite places to study at, of course you choose them instead. You can simply study the theoretical parts wherever you want to be. You can also do this with regard to the practical parts of your education, but remember that the practical parts also require that you have access to your treatment bench and other necessary equipment and materials that the treatment requires.

You will be responsible for arranging your internship clients yourself. For a start, we recommend that you practice on family and friends and that you then also try to practice on other clients so that you get to practice different body and skin types.

No you do not need to buy expensive branded products to attend the training, basic products are good enough during the course of the training.

Nope. In the training for a spa therapist you will learn how to provide spa pedicure which contains parts such as foot bath, cleaning, softening, polishing, cutting of nails, foot massage and more. But no cutting of hardened skin. We don’t use scalpel or the “slicer”.

First and foremost, you need to buy a new or used treatment bench. New treatment benches can be purchased through us and our Web shop if you wish. When you attend an education on site with us, you can instead borrow a treatment bench during the time of the training.

In addition, you will need to buy products, tools, towels, etc. so that you do not have to do the training in the place where these are included. Other reasons why online education is cheaper is that it does not require any personnel costs or local costs such as on-site training.

The e-book gets everyone free who buys a vocational education with a diploma. The e-book is automatically added to your shopping basket (free, value 14: 95 $) when you have to pay for your vocational education.

As soon as you have purchased the training you will receive your personal login information on our study platform, once you have logged in to the platform you can at once start to access your study material. Be aware of keeping your login details in a secure place, your login details are solely your own and are not for anyone else to use. Should you allow another party to use their personal account with us, the account will be terminated immediately. Read more about rules, regulations and our “Terms of Use” which you can find at the bottom of the website.

No, you don’t have to do that either. It is good if you use a larger bucket instead of an expensive foot bath with several different massage functions, but you add the products you need to be able to perform the spa pedicure.

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